I’ve traveled abroad on my own time. Does that count toward the international experience requirement?

International vacations will not count toward international experience. Applicants must study, volunteer, do research work, or participate in an internship abroad to fulfill this component. Self-designed educational experiences may be counted if approved by the GPC Advisory Board.

Is there a minimum amount of time I am required to spend abroad to fulfill the international requirement?

There is no minimum, but the experience must contribute to the global perspectives documented in the final project.

How can I find activities and events that count towards the GPC?

Check out the GPC Facebook group and GPC Google Calendar for easy viewing of all events, lectures, and activities that count towards co-curricular and service points! The GPC Coordinator also sends out a monthly emails listing co-curricular and service events occurring on campus and throughout the Triangle.

I volunteered abroad. Will that count toward both the international component and the service requirement?

Yes, volunteer experience abroad can count toward the service requirement provided as long as proper documentation verifying participation is submitted.

I am a Foreign Language major/minor. Do I still have to take one course beyond the university requirement?

Foreign language majors and minors are exempt from the foreign language requirement.

I fulfilled the Foreign Language requirement for my major in Spanish, and then I took a semester of Chinese. Does this complete the GPC Foreign Language requirement?

Yes! Students do not need to continue in the same language to fulfill the GPC foreign language requirement, but may optionally study a new language.

I participated in a study abroad program. Do the courses I took abroad count toward the course requirement?

Classes taken abroad can count toward course requirements as long as they display an international focus.

I’ve taken a US focused diversity class. Can that count toward the academic component?

One course focusing on diversity within the US may be substituted in the Multicultural Studies category for a single course in one of the three main categories.  See the GEP U.S. Diversity course listing for examples.

I am an international student. Am I able to apply for the certificate? If so, how are the requirements different for me?

International undergraduate students are encouraged to pursue the certificate. Living in the United States and learning in an English-speaking environment already counts toward the language and international components of the certificate. The co-curricular, service, and non-language course requirements remain the same.

I am already a Junior. Can I still complete the certificate?

Anyone, regardless of class-standing, can pursue and complete the certificate as long as all requirements are met.

GPC Coordinator