An International Experience with Tymber Felts

Written By: Tahirah Siddiqui

Recently, the Global Perspectives Certificate staff had the pleasure of sitting down with international studies major and GPC senior, Tymber Felts, to discuss her recent trip to Iceland. Felts participated in a unique short-term, experiential education trip through The Green Program. She intends to use this experience to fulfill her international experience requirement for GPC. Through her international studies major, Felts plans to focus on global sustainability and development. She describes the trip as being “the best first-time abroad experience because it gave me a new point of view about renewable resources.” 

Through The Green Program, Felts had the option to choose from a number of different countries and programs including ones in Nepal, Japan, Peru, or Iceland with each trip focusing on various aspects of sustainability. She states she chose Iceland over other programs because “why wouldn’t you want to go to Iceland? Also, the Iceland program, which related to renewable resources fits best with my concentration.” Felts explains she was drawn to the program because “it provides students with unique first-hand experiences.” She elaborates, “I was able to tour a hydro-thermal plant and a geothermal plant.” In addition to these experiences, she was also able to visit Iceland School of Energy in Reykjavik.

Felts also appreciated that she was able to learn so much about sustainability in a short period of time. She explains the program was “the perfect way to learn about sustainability while being able to work in their plants.” Additionally, she discusses her bond with fellow students on the trip, “although most were engineering students, it was great to spend time with and learn from students outside my major.”

Students completing the GPC are expected to complete at least one international experience. This experience could include study abroad, international internships, overseas Alternative Service Breaks, research abroad, and other opportunities. For international students studying at NC State counts towards completing this requirement. To learn more about the international experience requirement or any other GPC requirements, please visit our Certificate Requirments page.