Academic Coursework

Course Requirement

Students are required to complete four courses with a strong international emphasis chosen from three different courses categories in addition to a language requirement, for a total of fifteen credit hours. Courses used to fulfill GPC requirements may simultaneously apply to general education, major and/or minor requirements. 

Students must take at least one course in each GPC course category. The course categories are as follows:

Language Requirement 

In addition to these four courses, students must also complete a language requirement. Students must complete at least three credit hours of language study. Students may fulfill this requirement by

  • Being a foreign language major or minor or
  • Achieving the equivalent of FL 201 in a previously studied language or
  • Earning at least three credit hours at any level in a new language or
  • Successful completion of FLE 101 as non-native English speakers. 

Please note all courses must be taken for a grade, and a minimum grade of a 2.0 (C or better) is required for coursework counting towards successful certificate completion.