African, Asian, and Latin American Studies

Students must complete four courses, with at least one and a maximum of two from this category to be applied to the GPC. For questions about the approval of courses not listed, please contact the GPC Coordinator at

Note: A completed Foreign Language course cannot be applied to both the Foreign Language Requirement and the Course Requirement.

General Education Program (GEP) Abbreviation Key:

  • GK: Global Knowledge
  • HES: Health/Exercise Studies
  • HUM: Humanities
  • IP: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • MP: Mathematical Sciences
  • NS: Natural Sciences
  • SS: Social Sciences
  • USD: US Diversity
  • VPA: Visual & Performing Arts
GEPGEPPrefix/NumberCourse NameCollege
GKHUMAFS 240African CivilizationCHASS
USDHUMAFS/ENG 248Survey of African-American LiteratureCHASS
GKHUMAFS/HI 275Introduction to the History of South and East AfricaCHASS
GKHUMAFS 276Introduction to the History of West AfricaCHASS
GKHUMAFS 342Introduction to African DiasporaCHASS
GKHUMAFS 343African ReligionsCHASS
GKHUMAFS/ENG 349African Literature in EnglishCHASS
AFS 440Senior Seminar in Africana StudiesCHASS
GKHUMAFS 442Issues in the African DiasporaCHASS
GKHUMAFS/HI 475History of the Republic of South AfricaCHASS
GKHUMAFS/HI 476Leadership in Modern AfricaCHASS
GKHUMAFS/HI 479Africa (Sub-Saharan) in the 20th CenturyCHASS
GKSSANT 315The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors: Archeology of MesoamericaCHASS
GKSSANT 325Andean South AmericaCHASS
GKSSANT 330Peoples and Cultures of AfricaCHASS
GKSSANT 346Peoples and Cultures of Southeast AsiaCHASS
GKHUMANT/FLJ 351Contemporary Culture in JapanCHASS
ANT 354Peoples and Cultures of the PacificCHASS
USDHUMENG/AFS 248Survey of African-American LiteratureCHASS
GKHUMENG/AFS 349African Literature in EnglishCHASS
USDHUMENG 448African-American LiteratureCHASS
FLA 301Advanced Intermediate Arabic ICHASS
FLA 330Media ArabicCHASS
FLC 301Intermediate Chinese IIICHASS
FLC 302Intermediate Chinese IVCHASS
GKHUMFLC 351Modern Chinese Popular CultureCHASS
FLC 401Advanced Chinese: Readings in Literature and Social SciencesCHASS
FLJ 301Intermediate Japanese IIICHASS
FLJ 302Intermediate Japanese IVCHASS
GKHUMFLJ 342Classical Japanese Literature in TranslationCHASS
GKHUMFLJ 344Early Modern Japanese Literature in TranslationCHASS
GKHUMFLJ 345Modern Japanese Literature in TranslationCHASS
GKHUMFLJ/ANT 351Contemporary Culture in JapanCHASS
FLJ 401Advanced Japanese ICHASS
FLJ 402Advanced Japanese IICHASS
GKHUMFLN 301Twentieth Century Hindi & Urdu FictionCHASS
GKHUMFLN 302Modern Hindi & Urdu PoetryCHASS
GKHUMFLN 401Hindi Literature and South Asian Cultural ContextsCHASS
FLS 337Spanish for Tourism in the Hispanic WorldCHASS
GKHUMFLS 340Introduction to Hispanic LiteraturesCHASS
GKHUMFLS 351Literature and Culture of Latin America ICHASS
GKHUMFLS 352Literature and Culture of Latin America IICHASS
GKHUMFLS 353Literature and Culture of Latin America IIICHASS
CKVPAFLS 360Hispanic CinemaCHASS
FLS 412Topics in the Culture of Latin America and the CaribbeanCHASS
FLS 413Spain and the Americas in Transatlantic PerspectiveCHASS
FLS 492Seminar in Hispanic StudiesCHASS
GKNSFW 465African Ecology and ConservationCNR
GKHUMHI 215Latin America to 1826CHASS
GKHUMHI 216Latin America since 1826CHASS
GKHUMHI 232The World from 1200 to 1750CHASS
GKHUMHI 263Asian Civilization to 1800CHASS
GKHUMHI 264Modern Asia: 1800 to PresentCHASS
GKHUMHI 270Modern Middle EastCHASS
GKHUMHI/AFS 275Introduction to the History of South and East AfricaCHASS
GKHUMHI/AFS 276Introduction to the History of West AfricaCHASS
GKHUMHI 370Modern EgyptCHASS
GKHUMHI 371Modern Japan, 1850 to PresentCHASS
GKHUMHI 374Visual Culture of Modern South AsiaCHASS
HUMHI 400Civilization of the Ancient Near EastCHASS
GKHUMHI/REL 407Islamic History to 1798CHASS
GKHUMHI/REL 408Islam in the Modern WorldCHASS
HUMHI 451The Vietnam WarCHASS
USDHUMHI 453United States and Latin American Relations Since 1823CHASS
GKHUMHI 465Oil and Crisis in the GulfCHASS
GKHUMHI 466History of the Palestinian-Israeli ConflictCHASS
GKHUMHI 467Modern MexicoCHASS
GKHUMHI 469Latin American Revolutions in the 20th CenturyCHASS
GKHUMHI 471Revolutionary ChinaCHASS
GKHUMHI 473Japan's Empire in Asia, 1868-1945CHASS
GKHUMHI 474Modern IndiaCHASS
GKHUMHI/AFS 476Leadership in Modern AfricaCHASS
GKHUMHI 477Women in the Middle EastCHASS
GKHUMHI 478Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan AfricaCHASS
GKHUMHI/AFS 479Africa (Sub-Saharan) in the 20th CenturyCHASS
GKVPAMUS 350World Music I: Music of AsiaDASA
GKSSPS 342Politics of China and JapanCHASS
PS 343Governments and Politics in South AsiaCHASS
GKSSPS 345Governments and Politics in the Middle EastCHASS
GKPS 443Seminar in Latin American and Caribbean PoliticsCHASS
GKHUMREL 230Asian ReligionsCHASS
GKHUMREL 331The Hindu TraditionCHASS
GKHUMREL 332The Buddhist TraditionCHASS
GKHUMREL 333Chinese ReligionsCHASS
GKHUMREL 334Japanese ReligionsCHASS
GKHUMREL 350Introduction to JudaismCHASS
GKHUMREL/HI 407Islamic History to 1798CHASS
GKHUMREL/HI 408Islam in the Modern WorldCHASS
GKSW 440International Learning Experience in Social WorkCHASS