European and Eurasian Studies

Students must complete four courses, with at least one and a maximum of two from this category to be applied to the GPC. For questions about the approval of courses not listed, please contact the GPC Coordinator at

Note: A completed Foreign Language course cannot be applied to both the Foreign Language Requirement and the Course Requirement.

General Education Program (GEP) Abbreviation Key:

  • GK: Global Knowledge
  • HES: Health/Exercise Studies
  • HUM: Humanities
  • IP: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • MP: Mathematical Sciences
  • NS: Natural Sciences
  • SS: Social Sciences
  • USD: US Diversity
  • VPA: Visual & Performing Arts


GEPGEPPrefix/NumberCourse NameCollege
HUMARC 242History of Western ArchitectureDesign
GKVPAARS 251The Arts of A World Capital: LondonCHASS
VPAARS 252The Arts in Vienna 1900CHASS
GKHUMCLA 210Classical MythologyCHASS
GKHUMCLA 215The Ancient World in Modern MediaCHASS
GKHUMCLA 320Masterpieces of Classical LiteratureCHASS
GKHUMCLA 325Gender, Ethnicity and Identity in the Ancient WorldCHASS
GKHUMENG 220Studies in Greak Works of Western LiteratureCHASS
GKHUMENG/FL 221Literature of the Western World ICHASS
GKHUMENG/FL 222Literature of the Western World IICHASS
GKHUMENG 246The Literature of the HolocaustCHASS
HUMENG 251Major British WritersCHASS
HUMENG 362Studies in the British NovelCHASS
HUMENG 460Major British AuthorsCHASS
GKHUMENG 464British Literature and the Founding of EmpireCHASS
GKHUMENG 465British Literature and the Dissolution of EmpireCHASS
ENG 490Studies in Medieval LiteratureCHASS
GKVPAFL 216Art and Society in FranceCHASS
GKHUMFL/ENG 221Literature of the Western World ICHASS
GKHUMFL/ENG 222Literature of the Western World IICHASS
GKIPFLF 212French: Language, Culture, and TechnologyCHASS
GKHUMFLF 301Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the EnlightenmentCHASS
GKHUMFLF 302Survey of French Literature from Romanticism to the Contemporary PeriodCHASS
FLF 306French Business CommunicationCHASS
FLF 307Business FrenchCHASS
FLF 308Advanced Conversation: Contemporary French CulturesCHASS
FLF 309French Phonetics and PronunciationCHASS
FLF 310Advanced Written CommunicationCHASS
GKHUMFLF 315French Civilization and CultureCHASS
GKVPAFLF 318The Heritage of French CinemaCHASS
FLF 321French Cultures and ContextsCHASS
FLF 411Approaches to French TranslationCHASS
GKHUMFLF 414Studies in French ProseCHASS
GKHUMFLF 425Literature, Cinema, and Culture in the Francophone WorldCHASS
FLF 492Seminar in French StudiesCHASS
GKIPFLG 212German Language, Culture, Science, and TechnologyCHASS
FLG 301Advanced GermanCHASS
FLG 302German Oral and Written ExpressionCHASS
FLG 307Business GermanCHASS
FLG 311Introduction to German TranslationCHASS
GKHUMFLG 315Germanic Civilization and CultureCHASS
GKVPAFLG 318New German CinemaCHASS
GKHUMFLG 320Introduction to German LiteratureCHASS
GKHUMFLG 323Twentieth Century German LiteratureCHASS
GKHUMFLG 325German Lyric PoetryCHASS
FLG 390German Studies TopicsCHASS
FLG 398Independent Study in GermanCHASS
FLG 420Current Issues in German-Language MediaCHASS
FLG 430Cultural Artifacts in German-Speaking CountriesCHASS
GKIPFLG 440Green Germany: Nature and Environment in German Speaking CulturesCHASS
FLG 492Senior Seminar in German StudiesCHASS
FLG 499Internship in Germany, Austria, or German-Speaking SwitzerlandCHASS
FLI 308Italian Reading and ConversationCHASS
GKHUMFLI 318Italian Society Through CinemaCHASS
GKHUMFLR 303Russian Literature in Translation: The Nineteenth CenturyCHASS
GKHUMFLR 304Russian Literature in Translation: The Twentieth CenturyCHASS
GKHUMFLR 318Russian Cinema and SocietyCHASS
GKIPFLS 212Spanish: Language, Technology, CultureCHASS
FLS 331Spanish Oral and Written Expression ICHASS
FLS 332Spanish Oral and Written Expression IICHASS
FLS 333The Sounds of SpanishCHASS
FLS 336Spanish for BusinessCHASS
FLS 337Spanish for Tourism in the Hispanic WorldCHASS
GKHUMFLS 341Literature and Culture of Spain ICHASS
GKHUMFLS 342Literature and Culture of Spain IICHASS
GKHUMFLS 343Literature and Culture of Spain IIICHASS
GKVPAFLS 360Hispanic CinemaCHASS
FLS 400Methods and Techniques in Spanish Translation and InterpretationCHASS
FLS 402Introduction to Spanish LinguisticsCHASS
FLS 411Topics in the Culture of SpainCHASS
FLS 413Spain and the Americas in Transatlantic PerspectiveCHASS
FLS 492Seminar in Hispanic StudiesCHASS
VPAHA 201History of Art from Ancient Greece through the RenaissanceCHASS
VPAHA 202History of Art from the Renaissance through the 20th CenturyCHASS
VPAHA 40119th Century European Art from Revolution to Post-ImpressionismCHASS
VPAHA 404Italian Renaissance Art and Material CultureCHASS
HUMHI 205Western Civilization Since 1400CHASS
GK, HUMHUMHI 207Ancient Mediterranean WorldCHASS
GKHUMHI 208The Middle AgesCHASS
GKHUMHI 209From the Renaissance to Revolution: The Origins of Modern EuropeCHASS
GKHUMHI 210Modern Europe 1815-presentCHASS
GKHUMHI 221British History to 1688CHASS
GKHUMHI 222History of British Cultures and Societies from 1688CHASS
GKHUMHI 232The World from 1200 to 1750CHASS
GKHUMHI 307Jewish HistoryCHASS
IPHI 321Ancient and Medieval ScienceCHASS
GKHUMHI 332Germany and the World WarsCHASS
GKHUMHI 338Empire, War, and Revolution in RussiaCHASS
GKHUMHI/REL 402Early Christianity to the Time of EusebiusCHASS
HUMHI 403Ancient Greek CivilizationCHASS
HUMHI 404Rome to 337 ADCHASS
HUMHI 405History and Archeology of the Roman EmpireCHASS
HUMHI 406From Roman Empire to Middle AgesCHASS
HUMHI 409The High Middle AgesCHASS
GKHUMHI 410Italian RenaissanceCHASS
GKHUMHI 411Trials of Faith: Religions Reformation in Early Modern EuropeCHASS
GKHUMHI 412The Sexes and Society inĀ  Early-Modern EuropeCHASS
GKHUMHI 414From Kings to Revolution: the History of Early-Modern FranceCHASS
GKHUMHI 415The French RevolutionCHASS
GKHUMHI 418Fascist Italy and Nazi GermanyCHASS
GKHUMHI 419Modern European ImperialismCHASS
GKHUMHI 421European Intellectual History of the 18th CenturyCHASS
GKHUMHI 422European Intellectual History of the 19th CenturyCHASS
GKHUMHI 423Women in European EnlightenmentCHASS
GKHUMHI 425Tudor and Stuart EnglandCHASS
GKHUMHI 42920th Century BritainCHASS
GKHUMHI 430Modern FranceCHASS
HI 437Topics in Central and East European HistoryCHASS
GKIPHI 483Science and Religion in European HistoryCHASS
GKIPHI 484Sicence in European CultureCHASS
GKVPAMUS 201Introduction to Music Literature IDASA
GKVPAMUS 202Introduction to Music Literature IIDASA
GKVPAMUS 310Music of the 17th and 18th CenturiesDASA
GKVPAMUS 315Music of the 19th CenturyDASA
GKSSPS 341European PoliticsCHASS
GKHUMREL/HI 402Early Christianity to the Time of EusebiusCHASS