Modern Global Issues

Students must complete four courses, with at least one and a maximum of two from this category to be applied to the GPC. For questions about the approval of courses not listed, please contact the GPC Coordinator at

General Education Program (GEP) Abbreviation Key:

  • GK: Global Knowledge
  • HES: Health/Exercise Studies
  • HUM: Humanities
  • IP: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • MP: Mathematical Sciences
  • NS: Natural Sciences
  • SS: Social Sciences
  • USD: US Diversity
  • VPA: Visual & Performing Arts


GEPGEPGEPPrefix/NumberCourse NameCollege
AGI 194International Learning Experience in the Agricultural InstituteCALS
GKALS 494International Learning Experience in Agriculture and Life SciencesCALS
GKSSANT 252Cultural AnthropologyCHASS
GKSSANT 253Unearthing the Past: Introduction to World ArcheologyCHASS
USDSSANT 254Language and CultureCHASS
ANT 374Disease and SocietyCHASS
ANT 431Tourism, Culture and AnthropologyCHASS
ANT 433Anthropology of Ecotourism and Heritage ConservationCHASS
ANT 450Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable LivingCHASS
ANT 464Anthropology of ReligionCHASS
GKIPSSANT/SOC 261Technology in Society and CultureCHASS
ANT/WGS 444Cross-cultural Perspectives on WomenCHASS
VPAARC 140Experiencing ArchitectureDesign
VPAARC 241Introduction to World ArchitectureDesign
ARC 289Architectural Travel Study IDesign
ARC 490Architecture International StudioDesign
ARE 194International Agribusiness Management Study AbroadCALS
GKARE 345Global Agribusiness ManagementCALS
GKARE 494Agribusiness Study AbroadCALS
GKVPAARS 251The Arts of a World Capital: LondonCALS
GKVPAARS 353Arts and Cross-Cultural ContactsCALS
BUS 426International Financial ManagementPCOM
BUS 464International MarketingPCOM
GKCOM 447Communication and GlobalizationCHASS
GKSSUSDCOM/HSS 392International Cross-Cultural CommunicationCHASS
GKIPNSCS 224Seeds, Biotechnology and SocietiesCALS
GKIPCS 230Introduction to AgroecologyCALS
IPD 102Design Culture and Context IDesign
IPD 103Design Culture and Context IIDesign
VPADS 101History of Design I, From Before Apple to Xia GuiDesign
EC 348Introduction to International EconomicsPCOM
GKEC 449International FinancePCOM
GKHUMENG/FL 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western LiteratureCHASS
GKHUMENG/FL 223Contemporary World Literature ICHASS
GKHUMENG/FL 224Contemporary World Literature IICHASS
GKHUMENG/FL 392Major World AuthorsCHASS
GKHUMENG/FL 394Sutides in World LiteratureCHASS
GKIPNSENT 207Insects and Human DiseaseCALS
GKHUMFL/ENG 219Studies in Great Works of Non-Western LiteratureCHASS
GKHUMFL/ENG 223Contemporary World Literature ICHASS
GKHUMFL/ENG 224Contemporary World Literature IICHASS
GKHUMFL/ENG 392Major World AuthorsCHASS
GKHUMFL/ENG 394Sutides in World LiteratureCHASS
IPFOR 248Forest History, Technology and SocietyCNR
GKIPFOR 414World ForestryCNR
FTM 483Global Trade & SourcingTextiles
FTM 494International Industrial Internship in Textile ManagementTextiles
GKIPNSFW 221Conservation of Natural ResourcesCNR
FW 460International Wildfire Management and ConservationCNR
VPAGD 203History of Graphic DesignDesign
GKSSGEO/SOC 220Cultural GeographyCHASS/Education
GPH 201Global Health and PhysiologyCOS
GKHUMHI 233The World Since 1750CHASS
HUMHI 335The World At WarCHASS
GKHUMHI 381NGO Nonprofits in a Global ContextCHASS
HUMHI 454History of US Foreign Relations, 1900 to PresentCHASS
GKSSUSDHSS/COM 392International Cross-Cultural CommunicationCHASS
IPIDS/NR 303Humans and the EnvironmentCHASS/CNR
GKIPIS 200Introduction to International StudiesCHASS
IS 393Intermediate Seminar in International StudiesCHASS
IS 491Senior Seminar in International StudiesCHASS
LAR 222Perception and Behavior for DesignersDesign
VPALAR 444History of Landscape ArchitectureDesign
LAR 465Landscape Architecture International StudioDesign
NSMB 200Microbiology and World AffairsCOS
MEA 476Worldwide Rivers & Delta Systems: Their Evolution & Human ImpactsCOS
GKIPVPAMUS 200Understanding Music: Global PerspectivesDASA
IPNR/IDS 303Humans and the EnvironmentCHASS/CNR
NR 350International Sustainable Resource UseCNR
IPPB 213Plants and CivilizationCALS
IPPB 219Plants in Folklore, Myth and ReligionCALS
HUMPHI 420Global JusticeCHASS
PRT 430Tourism, Poverty, and HealthCNR
GKIPPRT 449Human Dimensions of Natural Resources in Australia/New ZealandCNR
GKIPPRT 450Sustaining Natural Resources in Australia/New ZealandCNR
SSPS 203Introduction to Non-ProfitsCHASS
GKSSPS 231Introduction to International RelationsCHASS
GKSSPS 236Issues in Global PoliticsCHASS
GKSSPS 241Introduction to Comparative PoliticsCHASS
SSPS 331US Foreign PolicyCHASS
GKSSPS 335International LawCHASS
GKSSPS 336Global Environmental PoliticsCHASS
GKPS 339Politics of the World EconomyCHASS
GKPS 431The UN and Global OrderCHASS
GKPS 433Global Problems and PoliciesCHASS
PS 445Comparative Systems of Law and JusticeCHASS
IPPSE 220From Papyrus to Plasma Screens: Paper and SocietyCNR
GK HUMREL 210Religious Traditions of the WorldCHASS
HUMSSREL/SOC 309Religion and SocietyCHASS
HUMREL/WGS 472Women and ReligionCHASS
REL/WGS 473Religion, Gender & Reproductive TechnologiesCHASS
GK HUMREL 383Religion, Globalism, & JusticeCHASS
GK HUMREL 482Religion and ConflictCHASS
GK HUMREL 489Interpretation of ReligionCHASS
IPSMT 232Recycling to Create a Sustainable EnvironmentCNR
SSUSDSOC 203Current Social ProblemsCHASS
SSSOC 205Jobs and WorkCHASS
GKSSSOC/GEO 220Cultural GeographyCHASS/Education
SSSOC 241Sociology of Agriculture and Rural SocietyCHASS
GKIPSSSOC/ANT 261Technology in Society and CultureCHASS
SSSOC 311Community RelationsCHASS
GKSSSOC 342International DevelopmentCHASS
GKSSSOC 351Population and PlanningCHASS
HUMSSSOC/REL 309Religion and SocietyCHASS
SOC 402Urban SociologyCHASS
SOC 414Social ClassCHASS
SOC 440Social ChangeCHASS
SOC 445Inequality, Ideology, and Social JusticeCHASS
SOC 450Environmental SociologyCHASS
IPSSC 185Land and LifeCALS
GKIPSTS 302Contemporary Science, Technology, & Human ValuesCHASS
IPSTS 322Technological CatastrophesCHASS
GKIPSTS 323World Population and Food ProspectsCHASS
IPSTS 402Peace and War in the Nuclear AgeCHASS
IPWGS 224Contemporary Issues in EcofeminismCHASS
IPWGS 330Women & HealthCHASS
WGS/ANT 444Cross-cultural Perspectives on WomenCHASS
HUMWGS/REL 472Women and ReligionCHASS
WGS/REL 473Religion, Gender & Reproductive TechnologiesCHASS