Co-Curricular Activities

Students must complete:

  • 30 points or roughly 30 hours of co-curricular activities, carried out domestically.
  • All co-curricular activities must have an international focus.

How can students earn points?

  • By attending individual programs, where 1 hour = 1 point. Students may earn a maximum of 7 points for attending any one event or program. For example:
    • A globally focused seminar or guest lecture lasting 1.5 hours = 1.5 points
    • Attending the International Festival of Raleigh for 3 hours = 3 points
    • Participating in a global leadership student conference 2 days = 7 points
  • By participating in semester-long activities or programs, where 1 semester = 10 points. Students may earn a maximum of 15 points from any one organization. For example:
    • 1 semester living in Global Village = 10 points
    • 2+ semesters living in Global Village = 15 points
    • 2 semesters participating in CENet = 15 points
    • 1 semester working as an intern in a local organization focused on international activities = 10 points
    • 2 semesters in a foreign language club = 15 points

To fulfill this requirement:

Students are required to upload the following information to their GPC Wolfware Moodle Project

  • confirmation of attendance of the event
    • provide a picture or video of the participant at the event
    • provide an email from a supervisor or event coordinator confirming participation in the activity
      • include start and end dates and times
  • a short narrative outlining how the activity relates to at least one of the other GPC requirements and answering at least one of the following questions.
    • How the activity relates to your future career or life interests?
    • What are are some insights gained about other cultures?
    • Are there any global issues that came to light from your experience?

Activity Examples

To see up-to-date co-curricular opportunities, check out our calendar under the Events of Interest tab.

The list below are examples that count, but is not exhaustive. For final approval, please consult with the GPC Coordinator at