Continue Learning. Continue Exploring.

Are you looking for ways to continue exploring the world and experiencing enriching art and culture? Several museums, cultural, and historical sites around the world have worked to move their collections online. Take a virtual tour and earn GPC co-curricular credit

How to Earn Points

You are able to earn one (1) point per virtual tour, up to seven (7) points. Once you have completed a tour, complete your reflection and submit it in Moodle just like you would for other co-curricular activities. 

Information to Include in Moodle Reflection

  1. Name of Location Toured 
  2. Link to Tour 
  3. Date of Activity Participation
  4. Number of Points you wish to receive for this activity (each tour is eligible for 1 point)
  5. Write a short narrative reflecting on how completing this tour virtually may differ from an in-person experience. Also, outline how the activity relates to at least one of the other GPC requirements and answering at least one of the following questions.
    1. How the activity relates to your future career or life interests?
    2. What are some insights gained about other cultures?
    3. Are there any global issues that came to light from your experience?

Where to Find Tours

Sites like Google Arts & Culture are working to bring virtual global experiences to you. Consider checking out their digital collections from museums from around the world, their guided street view tours of sites like the CERN scientific research center, or live streams of concert performances from around the world like this one from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Many museums and groups are also hosting their own collections online as well. Here are a few examples.

Please note, students are not limited to the examples here and the GPC staff will continue to share virtual resources as we find more in the Announcements section of our Moodle Site and on our website