Faculty Mentors

The role of a Global Perspectives Certificate faculty mentor is to help students prepare a synthesizing final project which answers questions about their experience in pursuing the Global Perspectives Certificate. The project may consist of a poster, a paper, powerpoint presentation, video, website, physical display, or combination of media. More information on mentor responsibilities and the timeline for project completion are outlined in the GPC Faculty Mentor Handbook (updated 9/6/17).

Final Projects

Students are required to request a faculty mentor. They create a final project proposal and present it to their chosen GPC faculty mentor for approval following the timeline provided. The faculty mentor will be the students’ contact for advice, guidance, and assessment of the final project (see GPC Final Project Rubric).

Professional Development Funds

When a faculty mentor has assisted 5 students in the completion of the Certificate, the mentor will receive $1,000 to attend and/or present at the WISE Workshop on Intercultural Skills and Enhancement and Conference. These funds will not be in the form of direct compensation, but will be transferred to a departmental account to support the faculty mentor’s professional development.

Becoming a Mentor

New mentors should complete the Mentor Interest Form using the NC State Unity ID and password. It is necessary for department heads to approve faculty participation prior to mentoring students.

GPC Moodle Tracking System

During the semester you are working with a student on the final project, you and your student will be paired together as a group on our GPC Moodle Tracking System. Moodle is where you and your student will communicate and eventually the place where you will grade and submit your rubric for your student. Once you have been added to Moodle you will be able to see the Global Perspectives Certificate under the projects tab. You will only see this during the semester you are grouped with a student.

New Moodle Tracking Screenshot


list of GPC mentors is available, for faculty who would like to connect to fellow faculty mentors.

Final Project Evaluation Form

Final projects are evaluated based on the outcomes listed in our rubric. Faculty Mentors should complete the Final Project evaluation rubric by the last day of class for their mentee to earn credit for the GPC. Faculty mentors may submit the Final Project evaluation rubrics in one of four ways listed below:

  1. As a Moodle Assignment – print Final Project Rubric.pdf, circle the appropriate response per criteria, include feedback, scan the document, and upload onto Moodle. The assignment is listed as “FACULTY MENTORS ONLY: Final Project Rubric Submission”, and is available through both the Assignments link, and on the Final Project section on our Moodle site
  2. As an email attachment – send the completed rubric  and feedback as an email attachment to global-perspectives@ncsu.edu
  3. Through campus mail – send the completed rubric and feedback through campus mail to Campus Box 7105, Atte: GPC; and follow up via email to global-perspectives@ncsu.edu to let us know it is on its way
  4. As a Google Form – through the following link: Final Project Evaluation Form


Students and faculty mentors are encouraged to contact the GPC program coordinator (global-perspectives@ncsu.edu) regarding any questions about the certificate program.