Student Spotlight: Allison McLeod

Allison McLeod is a Junior at NC State, majoring in Science, Technology, and Society (B.S), and double minoring in Non-Profit Studies and Africana Studies.

Why did you choose to join the Global Perspectives Certificate Program?

I chose to join the GPC program as a Sophomore because it gives recognition to the activities, classes, and international trips that I am already involved in. GPC doesn’t add anything to my plate, but, simply organizes my experiences into a certificate.

Tell us about your international experience.

My international experience pertains to mission trips [affiliated with my minors] that my home church offers each year. In the summer of 2015, I traveled to Kampala, Uganda where our team spent time sharing the Gospel and necessary supplies to prisons and schools across the country. We also had the opportunity to distribute Samaritan’s Purse Shoeboxes and enjoy a safari on the Nile River. Also, each summer I have the opportunity to volunteer at a children’s home in Reynosa, Mexico. Although each week is different, we complete construction-like projects at the home to improve the stay of the children and house parents.

How has your world view changed through your international experience?

Through my international experience, I have gained a greater understanding of world cultures and an understanding of international service. Before going on these trips, I possessed an ethnocentric worldview that dominated my approach to service. When traveling to the countries, I learned that the people we were serving had adequate and efficient ideas to fix the problems that they saw most pertinent but, lacked the resources they needed. Also, I learned that the cultures of the world are BEAUTIFUL and unique in every way.

How have the courses you have taken as part of the GPC enhance your worldview?

Similarly, the class that I have taken to fulfill the GPC requirements have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the cultures that I have experienced first hand. These classes have challenged my constricted worldview and solidified my infatuation with the countries that I first fell in love with as a teenager.

Any words of advise for other GPC students?

My advice for other GPC students is to plan and plan early. This will allow you to enroll the required classes and fulfill the other requirements for the certification before the last minute. If you plan, there is less stress!

What are your future career goals?

In the future, I aspire to be a dentist and a missionary for a nonprofit (hopefully Hope Smiles) in Uganda.