Wolves for Water

Written By: Qulea Anderson
Photos Provided By: Cam Phipps

Wine to Water is a non-profit organization founded by Doc Hendley, a NC State alum. He had a vision that he wanted to make a reality, his dream to build an organization that would fight water-related deaths and disease and providing/increasing clean water globally to areas in need. Wine to Water has chapters across the country that participate in volunteering, campaign events, and fundraising. Recently, we sat down to chat with NC State’s chapter social media chairperson, Cam Phipps about the organization, what drew her to it, and some exciting upcoming events. 

Phipps was a sophomore when she participated in the Alternative Service Break trip to the Dominican Republic where she worked with Wine to Water during her spring break. “I was attracted to the environmentalism in developing countries, accessing those who need cleaner water for an increased quality of life,” explained Phipps. “Wine to Water is a genuine and wholesome organization whose only goal is to increase clean water in global areas in need, which is why I continue my work with Wine to Water today.”

Wine to Water searches for clean water solutions that would fit each country’s specific needs. Phipps explained how Wine to Water provides families with water filters and that the families are to be checked on, understanding that community health is important to preserve. 

The chapter here at NC State, Wolves for Water, hosts various events that range from fundraising to volunteering. It’s seen as an environmentalist group that believes in serving those in need. If one were to volunteer, they should expect chapter meetings, stream clean-up events, events with the Raleigh Wine to Water chapter, fundraising tabling events, filter builds and so much more.

Since it is a non-profit organization, the chapter relies on fundraising in order to help fund service trips and clean water solutions. Wolves for Water recently held a bake sale and will be hosting its annual Water Walk in late October. The Water Walk is a fundraiser that will be used to fund their filter-build and several other events that will be put on throughout the year.  The Water Walk provides participants with a look and understanding of what it is like to gather water in developing countries. Phipps also discussed events from this past September, such as their annual Stream Clean-Up event with the Raleigh Wine to Water chapter. She mentioned the chapter has a lot planned and will be seeking help from a number of volunteers. For those who wish to know more about the event,  email winetowaterncsu@gmail.com

For Phipps, “having fun and working with a team of individuals with similar goals is what it is like to be a part of this organization.” She sees the help within local communities as self-rewarding. Even if they aren’t always hand-making filters, they can help fund the process.  “I love how Wine to Water brings families together by bringing clean cooking, cleaning and drinking water to the dinner table” and that “To me, Wine to Water is a symbol for hope and humanity.”