About the Global Perspectives Certificate

As a society, political systems, and economies become interrelated global systems, the need for global awareness is increasingly important. Students, regardless of academic and social background, need international awareness and experience to be successful members of our global society. Many businesses, graduate schools, and organizations give priority to applicants who have significant international and foreign language experience. Knowledge of global cultures is also personally fulfilling, giving way to new perspectives, international contacts, and even lifelong friends. The goal of the Global Perspectives Certificate is to:

  • recognize students for their international studies and activities and
  • encourage students to continue their global interests both overseas and within the United States.

All undergraduate degree-seeking students and all majors are welcome, including undergraduate international students.  Upon completion, students will receive an official certificate and a notation on their transcript documenting their global experiences during their studies. Learn more about the GPC and get started today!

An international experience is an important component of the GPC certificate. Review the exciting opportunities through Study Abroad and International Alternative Service Break programs and make the world your classroom.