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About GPC

The Global Perspectives Certificate (GPC) program is open to all degree-seeking undergraduate students at NC State, regardless of their academic area of study. Students who may find this certificate most engaging will be those who are interested in exploring their international interests both inside and outside of the classroom.

The GPC combines academic coursework and high-impact co-curricular experiences to recognize students for their internationally focused studies and activities; while also encouraging them to continue their global and cultural interests both overseas and within the United States.

Our History

In 2003, the idea of developing a certificate that; recognized students for their international activities and encouraged them to further pursue their global interests, was first introduced at NC State. This certificate came to be known as the Global Perspectives Certificate.

The GPC had plans to be put into effect in 2004; however, after an overwhelming interest in the certificate, it became clear to the development team that a better method of tracking students’ progress was needed. By 2006, the certificate development team believed they had completely ironed out the logistical and administrative support for the GPC.

The University Registrar’s Office joined the team in 2007 and began to develop a tracking system that would allow the GPC to be included in system-wide reporting, just like majors and minors.  The system was overhauled and completed in 2008.

There was a great deal of advertising for the GPC across campus in 2008. The certificate proposal was presented to groups such as Committee on International Programs, International Operations Council, Study Abroad Advisory Board, Meeting of Vice Provosts, Deans’ Council, International Programs Committee in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, leaders in the Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs, the University Course and Curriculum Committee (UCCC), and the Council of Associate Deans (Academic).

In November 2008, the UCCC gave its approval, and the GPC was fully approved in January of 2009.  The GPC launch celebration was on January 22. Less than one month later, 37 students began to progress towards earning their GPC. In the Spring of 2009, the first three students complete their certificates.

After much debate and consultation, it was determined the best place for the GPC would be in University College within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. The certificate was deemed to be truly interdisciplinary, pulling academic coursework from several departments across campus. With partners in both the Study Abroad Office and the University Registrar’s Office, University College has proven to be a great home for the GPC.